Friday, February 1, 2013

Silver Lining Playbook.

Yes, it's a movie...a dark romantic comedy that I watched with my children, Amirah and Asyraf just an hour ago...We had a good time, commenting on the dialogues and scenes and having a 'teh-tarik' session while viewing the movie. Asyraf and Najihah are going back to KL tomorrow and I didn't want to let the night slip away without spending the time with them.

What is so interesting about the movie? Well, for one thing..Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence made a handsome couple, I guess. Then, there was Robert De Nero who made the movie more watchable....and  this  'dancing' thing. It's interesting how a physical activity like dancing could connect people again. How it could bond and make relationships strong and intact. They could easily get in touch or connected through smses,  facebook or twitter but that is not the case in this movie. The relationship is more genuine and real here just by doing it the old ways. Oh yes, one more thing...reading is another 'useful' activity mentioned in the movie.

And, talking about the world today, besides having all the technological advancements, we've seen so many destructions and chaos caused by it. More and more time are spend on computers and the internet rather than spending quality time with the members of the family. Everyone in the house has his own laptop , computer, Ipad and what not...So, everyone is looking at this technology tools more than they look at each other. Therefore, they will be less communication in the house and if there is one, most of the time it will be misinterpreted or misunderstandings. Isn't that sad? Once, it was a happy, it has become a disastrous one.

Bradley Cooper is not my favourite actor although I love "Hangover". Jennifer Lawrence is my better choice. I began to like her acting skills since I watched her in The Hunger Games. She's a knockout. Anyway, overall, I like the movie because it's funny and entertaining. And, what is more meaningful than to be able to share your happiest moments with your love ones like your own children.