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I was suppossed to watch this movie at the cinema just now....

But I watched this movie on DVD instead.
DELHI-6-It's authentic and original. We don't have this in our movies nowadays...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Usually, I woke up at 6 am. Washed my face, went to the kitchen and immediately turned on the kettle. Then, prepared breakfast for the family. Sometimes I cook nasi goreng if there is any leftover rice in the pot. Otherwise it would be french toast or egg sandwich. For drinks it would be milo for the children and coffee, misai kuching tea or Radix coffee for my husband. For me...none, because there's always not enough time for me to have breakfast at home. I really need to rush.

When they are all left home for school and office around 7, then only I took my bath and dressed up. And it's always around 15-20 minutes more before I left the house for work. It's normal that sometimes after getting into the car, I have to enter back to the house because I left my watch, or phone or I simply forgot to turn off the water pressure switch. Then, later on I would be driving the car like the F1 driver. No choice. Had to be at the office by 8.

At work, besides going to classes, there would always be other clerical jobs to be done. Preparing worksheets and notes , checking students' work, organizing files, etc..etc...Other informal work are consulting and entertaining the students whenever they see me at my cubicle. My colleagues also liked to stop by and chat with me. Even if I was busy, I would always welcome them. I don't have the heart to reject.

I didn't leave the college at 4 most of the time. I would go back later than that. It's either I had some work to be done with before the next day or because I had to fetch Masyitah from school at 5.30. There are always some things to do. I would always be home at 6, sometimes later if I had to go the supermarket to buy groceries or pasar malam to be get some provisions. If I felt unwell, then, no matter what, I would just leave at 4.

There were also three days in a week that I had to go back and forth between Changlun and Jitra during work due to Anisah's safety. I took her to my work place after school, bought her lunch and let her use my computer until it's time for me to fetch Masyitah from school. Sometimes she did not use the computer. She just slept on the chair. She must be tired, I know.

At home, washing clothes is a must on many nights. In the meantime, I would cook dinner for the family but ocassionally I would just buy it at the food court in Jitra either if I was so exhausted or hubby was outstationed . I was quite lucky to find Ani, a lady who ironed the clothes for me. Sometimes, she would also help me to clean the house. Before she came to work for me, I had to iron all the clothes for the family and it's a never ending job.

Do I have time to pamper myself? Not at the moment. Too busy for that. I'd love to go to beauty spa and have my whole body massaged and pampered with aromatherapic oil. Or having a holiday with the family without thinking about anything else except fun. Hmm...bila la tu?

Bedtime is at 10pm if I was so exhausted and tired. Otherwise, it would be around 11 or 12... If I was awake enough, I would watch TV, if not...Nite2!!! Yes, this is my life for the past many years but I don't regret a bit as long my family is happy and contented. As long as everyone is provisioned and nourished. I wouldn't mind doing that for all. I know many of us are having the same busy schedule , and it would be even busier when you have other things and matters to take care of such as your friends, parents, in-laws and siblings.

I pray to God that evreything will work smoothly and well and that God will give me guidance, resilience, patience and perseverence in carrying out the tasks. Despite the heavy duty job that I'm handling (like most mothers in the world). I thank God for giving me the strength that I need, for blessing me with a family that helps me to be courageous, determined and most of all who gives me the love that some people in the world do not get.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nublan Zaki Norhadi

"Ibu, my friend passed away"

"Say what?"

"Kawan Dilah...meninggal" and my daughter broke into tears.

Drowning victim recovered; Penn State student found below Abrams Falls

By Iva Butler of The Daily Times

Staff Originally published: May 26. 2009 3:01AM Last modified: May 25. 2009 10:33PM

A college student who was to fly home to Malaysia next week was found dead at the base of Abram's Falls at 1:30 p.m. Monday.Nublan Zaki Norhadi, who was 20 years old, was with a group of about 30 college students from Penn State. This was not school-sponsored, but a trip planned to the Smokies by the students themselves, said Bob Miller, Smokies public information officer.They arrived at the Abram's Falls Trailhead at 5:30 p.m. Sunday and got to the falls at 6:20 p.m.
'Miller said it is unclear whether Norhadi was wading on the series of steps and was swept away to the base of the falls or if the jumped in and was swimming and them swept away by the strong current. Thanks to recent rains, the water at the falls was higher than usual, which made the current even stronger."Two of his buddies attempted to rescue Norhadi, but were also being swept away and had to be pulled out by other buddies," Miller said.Swimming is not banned at the falls but there is a sign warning of the strong current and hazards at the falls, he added."It would have taken a strong swimmer to get out of the current and the other students said Norhadi was not a strong swimmer," Miller said.Abrams Falls is located 2.5 miles up the trail that starts off a stub road in Cades Cove that is located to the right just before the Cable Mill.The body was found at 1:30 p.m. Monday 30 feet down by the Blount Special Operations Response Team (BSORT) divers, Miller said. They arrived at 10:30 a.m. Monday at the falls. Three pack mules were used to carry in their equipment.

I may not know who Nublan is except that he is one of my daughter's friends who studied at the same university as her. Yes, he is still coming home a corpse.... Can't imagine how the mother is going to react when she received the motionless body of her son in a few days. My heart really goes out to her.

When was the last time she received his call? Was it a few minutes before he started the journey to the Fall? Or when was the last time she saw him? Was it last year? There are so many questions, sad ones lingering in my mind. I found his blog in the internet. Sadness began to creep in as I read the only piece of thought written there. I was reading a writing of a man who had just passed away a few hours ago.

I hope Nublan's family will be strong facing this fateful tragedy. May his soul remains among the pious. Ameen..........
Al Fatihah.

p/s:Up until this time, no news about Nublan is mentioned in the Malaysian media.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

When I was 9

I used to wake up very early in the morning when I was in Std 3. My father woke me up. Usually it was around 5.30 in the morning. Sometimes it's already Subh sometimes it was not but the day was usually still very cold and dark. My father would then boil some water for me so that I could have a warm bath. He would spare a mug of the hot water for my Milo. After I had my bath, i would slip my white shirt and blue pinafore over my body. Then my parents and I along with my other younger sister would have our solat Subh together. My father's favourite surahs were "Waddhuha and Alam Nashrah". From there , I learnt the surahs by heart.
Also, almost every morning, my best friend, Nana would stopped by at my house before going to school. She's quite dark skinned but very sweet and had a mole at the left side of her small mouth. We were the best of buddies until she left school a year later. Sadly, up until now I could not get a trace of her.
Nana was such a good friend. She would share everything with me including her lunch. Talking about Nana, I remember that sometimes, if I was early, I would then go to her house before going to school. While waiting for her to get dressed, her mom would never forget to prepare an additional cup of milo for me too. I can't recall her mom's name but I still remember her father's name- Pakcik Ariffin. I had other good friends too- Norzita (now in China) and Juliana (a eurasian, now staying in Shah Alam)but Nana was closer to me...miss her so much.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Can I say something?

"I &$@@@@@@xxxx*86@@@..........

But %%%^&###@@**@@@..........

But ++@#$@#$****@@@@..........


Song of the Day

Batasku Asaku -Siti Nurhaliza

Bila kutercipta dari tulang rusukmu
Mengapa kumampu sempurnakan hidupmu
Bila ku ada karena kau ada
Mengapa kau tak bisa sendiri saja

Dalam teguh tak larut belaian
Ranum sahaja bukan hiasan
Untaian cinta gapai genggaman
Yakinkan mimpi dalam iman

Batasku sadari raut kodratku
Asaku menari terbalut sorbanmu
Lembutnya jiwa sambut nestapa
Terngiang syahdu iman di dada

Bila cerita tak lagi ceria
Mahligai cinta merona terlena
Senada iman kusimpan derita
Kuatkan hati bersimpuh padaNya

***Life is sometimes unfair, biased and hurtful.......

Sunday, May 10, 2009

SELAMAT HARI IBU everyone...

It was a hectic day as usual. Everyone's going to work and school. But I received the earliest wish at 6.40am from overseas, from 'Adilah. Then, Asyraf called, saying the same thing and forgiveness...(ehem!). Then, Amirah kissed and wished me before she left for her driving test this morning. The two youngest just left school without saying anything, just smiling and laughing away to the school van as their stomach was already filled with milo, egg sandwich and nasi goreng. As for Najihah, my fourth daughter kept herself silence for the rest of the day...and that's normal.Later in the day I received more wishes including from hubby and friends.

So, I called my moms and wished them. But, it was my own mom that made me feel terrible coz I could not take care of her when she needed me the most. Sorry MAK...Sorry ABAH...

Below is an article I read in Yahoo today...(What do you think?)
One of my favorite quotes in Laurie PK's Mother's Day post comes from the eminently quotable Anne Morrow Lindbergh: “By and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacationless class.”

Add to that the fact that mothering work is unpaid, and it's a double whammy. True words like Lindbergh's are why it's both illuminating and depressing to put a dollar figure to the work mothers do at home. Just in time for Mother's Day, has done that in its 9th annual mom salary survey. This year, a stay-at-home mom performing the 10 most popular "mom-job functions" does the work equivalent of a $122,732 salary, up 5 percent over last year's calculations. A mom who works outside the home 40 hours a week does work that equates to an annual cash compensation of $76,184, an 11 percent increase. A lucrative second job--if that second shift were actually a paid gig.

How do the folks at arrive at such hefty numbers? First, they take 10 jobs that closely match the multiple jobs moms do at home. Think laundry machine operator, janitor, van driver, housekeeper, computer operator, cook, daycare center teacher, facilities manager, psychologist, and chief executive officer. Then they surveyed 12,150 moms to quantify their hours worked in each role for a typical week.'s compensation professionals weighted the different responsibilities of the job to determine the average mom's overall total compensation.

The (fake) salaries for mothers increased during a year salary increases are rare because's researchers found that moms--stay-at-home and work-outside-the-home--are outsourcing less of the around-the-house jobs and, as a result, are putting in lots of "overtime." According to the survey, the working mom had 17 hours of overtime in addition to her full-time hours both at work and as a mom, and the stay-at-home mom worked 56 hours of overtime, bringing her work week to 96 hours. That's a lot of unpaid work.

So, what's the value in calculating the value of a mother's work if there is no way she'll ever get paid for it? Well, in a culture that assigns value in dollars, it's important to see in black and white the many jobs moms do and how those jobs are valued in the job market. It's also a way for to highlight how its tools shed light on how employers set salaries for jobs.

"This is our ninth year looking at the value of mom's work. It has become a popular annual event because it not only recognizes the critical value of what moms do, but educates the public on the key factors that determine what employers are willing to pay for a given job," said Meredith Hanrahan, senior vice president at, Inc. "We value the job of mom based on her job description and calculate what an employer would have to pay in cash if they were to hire someone to do all that a mom does."

Want to know what you or a mom in your life should get paid? You can use the Mom Salary Wizard, then create a fake mom paycheck and pay stub to be sent on Mother's Day. But here's the dilemma: Knowing how much a mom should get paid can be a good thing if those around her are recognizing the value of all she does. Or, it could just make her very sad that she can't cash that check for real.
What do you think? Is there value in assigning a dollar value to all moms do?

You know...Although there are times when I think, mums are being under priviledged and taken for granted, I am still proud to be a mum to 6 very unique children who have different characters, tantrums, obsessions etc...etc...They are never the same. But yes...I I wish...mothers are valued more (appreciation maybe?)

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY everyone!!!

Breakfast ready on the table at 6.45am on Mother's Day 2009.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Bought this dvd in Mangga Dua, Jakarta last two weeks. A great, intelligent and non bias islamic movie that should be seen by all muslims in the world. There are so many things that we can learn from this movie although we may not agree with some of the ideas layed here (It's undeniable that many of us are still afraid of our own religion because the way it's potrayed in the media- and we tend to believe it due to our immmaturity knowledge of the religion) Oh Malaysia...when are we going to have movies like this in our cinematic scene?

p/s Listen to another beautiful theme song by Siti Nurhaliza in the movie called Batasku Asaku.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Dan Sang Puteri berjalan terhenjut-henjut menuju ke Gunung Karimah Wali yang diperkatakan banyak orang, yang mempunyai kesaktian dan boleh menyembuhkan banyak penyakit. Berkatalah para haiwan dan tumbuhan yang menyaksikan perjalanan yang maha meyiksakankan itu.

"Wahai Sang Puteri yang bijak bistari, mengapa kau pergi bersendirian? Ke manakah perginya para hulubalangmu?"
"Sudah mati kesemuanya di telan Si Garuda."
"Bukankah kau memiliki seorang panglima yang gagah berani lagi terkenal dengan kebijaksanaanya bermain senjata dari daerah Baluasungkawa? Mengapa tidak kau mengarahkan dia membawamu saja?"
"Dia juga telah ghaib sewaktu Si Garuda datang menyerang negeriku."
"Kasihan Tuan Puteri..."
"Tidak mengapa...semoga kesakitanku akan hilang sebaik ku bertemu Sang Dewi di Gunung Karimah Wali nanti."
Lalu Sang Puteri menruskan perjalanannya tanpa menghiraukan ribut taufan, hujan petir yang membelah bumi.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh God...

The symptoms of swine flu are broadly the same as those of ordinary flu, but may be more severe and cause more serious complications.

The typical symptoms are:

sudden fever, and
sudden cough.
Other symptoms may include:

aching muscles,
limb or joint pain,
diarrhoea or stomach upset,
sore throat,
runny nose,
sneezing, and
loss of appetite.
If the flu becomes pandemic, potentially, everyone is at risk because few people, if any at all, will have immunity (resistance) to it.

If you have any of these symptoms but a flu pandemic has not been announced, you could have seasonal flu.

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