Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It might be around 4 pm in Arab Saudi now, the land where my dear 'brother' and his friends may be. I got a few unexpected calls and smses today, and one of them was from him. He is now embarking into a journey of a lifetime. Something I hope he will remember for the rest of his life. A travel that hopefully would change the course of his life to something better. I think many people experience this when they visited Mecca. And we especially realised this after we lifted off our feet from the holy land. I remembered how sunken my heart felt as I was leaving the compound of the masjidil haram last year. It's a kind of feeling that's very hard to describe.

Today also, I received this 'very surprising' call from Gina, my friend, my classmate, my monitor who sat next to me for 2 years from Form 4 till form 5. We couldn't talk long due to time constrain but I have her phone no now. Maybe I'll call her or see her someday. Okey...plans, plans, plans....

My own 'adek' in Trengganu also called me...and telling me about her free tickets that she got from her frequent flying trips all year round...Another "rezeki" for me? Well, all smiles for me...and keep you fingers cross, Yong...

p/s: This song is sung by Muadz, a nasyid singer whom I'm yet to meet..We only contacted with each other through a few smses and calls concerning a concert that is almost....to happen, but...well, maybe soon...if God permits. It's a fresh new kind of music that can capture the vast majority of our young listeners.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


So, I drove myself accompanied by my youngest daughter to KMK just for a barbaque organised by class H3E5. It was raining quite heavily but knowing that I was the only lecturer available I gathered all the energy I had to be with them. I was 15 minutes late passed the Earth Hour but that did not deter me from participating in this global event. I quickly asked my students to switch off the lights and light up the candles that I bought for them. It was fun to be in the dim light for nearly 45 minutes before the Earth Hour ended. They were preparing the barbaque, talking and laughing in the not so dark, not so bright light. At 9.30, we blew off the candles, turned on the flourasent lights and started having our dinner. I went home at around 10 something feeling quite happy and contented because I had done something with my students globally this time around- EARTH HOUR 2009!!!

Earth Hour Cake

Friday, March 20, 2009

Me and my BIRASES

My brother-in-laws and their family plus MIL visited us yesterday and stayed in our house just for a day but it was really fun to have them around.

First, I took my BIRASES to Jitra's wet market. Bought some fruits, 'cucoqs', and vegis. Then we had breakfast and light conversation at the table. After that we went home and Miza bathed her children, gave them breakfast before setting out for another journey--PADANG BESAR.

Yes, it's in Perlis and it's about 40 minute from Jitra. But, I have the car and the permission from hubby. So, I drove them to the "Big Field' without any interruption. I have already prepared lunch for the 'fathers' and children. My MIL did not want to lose the opportunity...and so, she decided to join us. Later, Asyraf also accompanied us in that trip so that he could take care of the fragile grandmother while we do our shopping.

With a limited 'budget' in our hands we managed to buy some items for the whole family. I bought two long skirts for my elder daughters, a blue MU jersey for Asyraf, a blouse for Anisah, 'bubbles' for Masyitah and cashew nuts for Abang...I also bought a brooch for MIL and Ani, my other BIRAS who could not join the trip...Me? Nothing in specific. Just some fruits for the family.

On the way back, we stopped at the new Padang Besar's mosque for Asyraf's Friday Solat. It was already 1.30 by the time we left the bazaar. 11.00 till 1.30pm? Standard le tu... We waited in the car till the solat session ended.

When we reached home, my BIRASES and i went straight to the dining table. We had forgotten how hungry we were when we did our shopping at the bazaar. And that's what we call women? Hmm.....

Adam who is ever demanding. A truly attention seeker.

The Best of Birases, Miza and Rozi...exhausted!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Watched this movie on dvd last night. Excellent film but quite disturbing..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I attended this event last monday night...There 10 contestants. A few could sing, some cannot,many were out of tuned but overall it was a night to remember because everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The hall was barely filled with audience at first but by 10 pm, it was full of students! Wow! unbelievable!!

So, I managed to take my Wan Hasliana who sang Taylor Swift's Love Story to the 2nd place.

And the 'fast paced' Dikir Barat team was a 'nearly' a crowd pleaser.

But Faizal who crooned the crowd with Marc Anthony's My Baby You managed to 'steal' the show....

'Honourable and Adorable' judges.

It was fun and a happy ending for almost everyone!

Sarah Hani, a clear winner!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MIKIM 2009, Port Dickson, N9

I went to PD last two weeks and brought Fadhil and Ning to represent KMK in the storytelling competition. We stayed at the Glory Beach Hotel. The accommodation and food was just ok but the beach...well, I like Langkawi and Penang better.
I met a lot of old friends at the hotel. Ainis, Dura, Wahida, Zack, Tok wan etc..etc..
Fadhil came a bit late that day and that night 2 days before the competition day, he told me that he felt sick. Yes, he looked ill alright. His eyes were red and watery. So, after the briefing by the coordinator, I quickly went to the hotel provision store and bought him some soluble panadols, a big bottle of mineral water and two bottles of 'air badak'. I asked him to take the medicine and get some rest. Well, he did take some rest. I was only able to see him late in the evening the next day. He told me that he slept like a baby...Maybe he was drugged by the pills.

So, we won again, 2nd place again. Ning didn't win anything but I know she had tried her best. But Fadhil who was as charismatic as what he used to be put up a fascinating story of Fifi and the Spirit of Raden and Sui Yai which I adapted from "Do You Believe Now?" a story which I took from the internet. He delivered it quite well. Before we went back, he gave me a beautiful purple shawl as my birthday present. I was truly overwhelmed by his gesture. I'm the one who is supposed to give him a present...Well, I told my friends, no more storytelling after this. I need to take a break...

Me and El

El practicing at the hotel's garden with me and Ning


I haven't been posting for quite sometime...SIBUK. Now, I'm still bz but I feel like I need a break from all sorts of matters in the world. My work, my family, students...Gosh!! banyaknya...

But where do I want to go? I don't really know. But yesterday, I received this phone call from my mum-in-law. She wanted me to accompany her to Mecca for Umrah. I was numb at first...completely didn't know how to respond.

"Mak teringin nak pi umrah la Yong...Boleh tolong temankan? Nanti mak bayaqkan untuk Yong."

(Am I hearing the right words!) "Bila?"

"Bulan 4. Mak dengaq dalam radio, satu ustaz ni cita pasai pi umrah. Dia duduk kat Aloq Staq. Dia cakap baguih. Dia kata dia akan bawak jemaah tu sendiri.Pi dengan Tabung Aji"

(Alamak...I don't think it's during the holidays. And I'm going to Jakarta in April! Macammana ni?) "Nanti Yong check cuti Yong."

"Mak terigin sangat la... tak tau nak habaq macammana...Nanti mak mai, tidoq ghumah Yong lama sikit. Kita sembang. Mak nak mintak Yong tolong check..."

(Kan kita baru je pi tahun lepas? Macammana ni? Anak2 aku, sapa nak jaga?) "Ok, nanti Yong tolong checkkan untuk mak"

"Mak nak pi sangat. Kita pi berdua, na?"


I was totally surprised. Is God trying to help me? I don't know but I pity her. I could feel like I'm the only person that she can trust, the only hope that she has.
But what about my children? My husband? I'm thinking...I'm thinking...and thinking...and thinking...(God help me.)

p/s: "Patutnya abang yang pi tau? Itu mak Abang.
Takpelah...mak sayang kat Yong.."

Kuang, kuang, kuang...