Thursday, May 29, 2008

True Umrah stories Part 1

(Father and both Mums)

(The folding chair that my mum-in-law used to sit in Masjidil Haram. We carried it all the way from the hotel, everyday)

(At the Jeddah Airport. Mum just woke up from her nap...)

Taking care of 3 fragile old man and women in Mecca was not easy. The journey to Medina and Mecca was always rough and challenging. Whether it's in the hotel or during trips to historic places, taking them to the toilets or washrooms always took the longest time and it required you to have a lot of patience when handling them. Other Jemaahs would always have to wait for me and my "mums" in the bus. I hoped they understood our situation as both my mums could not walk properly. And it was worsen by the condition of my mother who was always weak. Her eye sight was also blurred.

Everyday, my mother-in-law and I would walk side by side while I pushed my mum on the wheel chair to and fro the mosque. And I never missed any of the solat during my stay in Medina and Mecca. I even managed to go to Friday Solat twice, both in Medina and Mecca. Yes. it was tiring but it was an experience of a life time. I never thought I was that patient and courages enough to do a lot of things for my mums and dad.

Once, I pulled the hands of the security guard (woman) in Nabawi mosque because she did not believe that I need to get back into the mosque to see my mum who was in pain, sitting against one of the pillars in the mosque. And as everyone knows, the security guards in Medina and Mekah are all big sized, rough and strong. But I lost my patience that day. I pushed back the guard and took her to see my mum. I knew she could not believe her eyes to what I had done to her and she seemed very angry. but when she saw the condition of my mum, she quickly called other guards to get a wheel chair for my mum. She even touched my face gently like she was trying to comfort me.
And from that day, my wish to help my parents fulfilled their dreams to perform umrah was granted. I managed to do the 'wajibs' only.

And I was also wrong...the race of people that i thought was harsh and rough was the one that came to me and comfort me with kind words and getures during my 'injury' hours in Mecca. They pat on my back and rubbed my shoulder with words that I don't understand but I know that they were trying to soothe me. Allah is really great. He opened up my eyes and mind to see the truth and not to be blinded with pride and prejudice.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A very short story in Medina

A very fragile woman was trying to enter an elevator which was full of people. There were 5 men and one woman who were already inside the elevator. Suddenly the emergency alert broke out. Maybe because the weight of the elevator was overloaded.

Old man : You have to go out of this elevator, maam. It's overloaded.
Fragile woman: ok (and she moved out from the elevator shakingly).

The elevator door closed was then closed quietly and there was a sign of relieve from the men.

Woman : One of you should have gone out and let the old woman in. Be
Old man : "Kalau 10 kali jadi gentleman, jenuhle macam tu..."
( And he laughed cynically, followed by the rest of the man)

14 days later...(In a bus)
Old man : Son, go and find the ustaz quickly! The bus will be leaving this
hotel very soon!
Man : What happened, sir?
Old man : I couldn't walk while doing my tawwaf, so I bought a wheel
chair. It was stolen in the mosque and I couldn't perform tawwaf
as well. I have to pay the dam now. that's why I
asked my son to find the ustaz quickly..the cost is 300 riyal.
Woman : Hmm....(God is great)

life as it is...

Just came back from Penang-attending conference. Next, Cameron Highland...then, Baling-Shukri's wedding. I hope it will be a FULL STOP after this. I need a break. I want to focus on my classes and my students. But I don't deny that I'm actually looking forward to visit Cameron Highlands because I really missed the aroma of the tea leaves planted along the hills, the cool weather and of course, the roses!

I wish my children could go too but they're all at their grandmother's house and hubby is in Bangkok for some business deals. Huhh! The house is so quiet....It's just me and my thoughts....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank God, it's Thursday!

It's been a hectic week for me-running here and there to and between classes. Luckily I was fortunate enough to have 2 of my classes moved to the morning hours starting next week. But still, after 2 years of not teaching PST students, I have many things to catch up with.

Everyone has gone home but I'm religiously sitting infront of my computer, preparing worksheets for my students as I am listening to Josh Groban. I'll be leaving for a conference in Penang and a meeting in Cameron Highland next week. And I feel like writing down something here...before I leave the office.

I was thinking of Roai who is now embarking into a journey of a life time. She's on her way to see the Kaabah. I hope she will have better a better experience than mine.

Me in the Masjidil Haram...(another way of seeking peace).

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have my first class today. 2 classes but my time-table is not that condusive this time. I have classes from 12.00-1.00 and 2.00-3.00pm everyday. I got back a few of my former PDT students including Siti Sakinah Munirah! And she was so excited to see me entering the class that she nearly scream. Oh dear...

I'll write more about my new classes and students later because I have to go now. Looking forward to see my other'classes' on Tuesday.

See you all and Happy Vesak Day!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Tearcher's Day

The first thing that came to my mind today is 'Cikgu Aminah bt Abdullah'. The one person that first taught me ABC in class. She was my former Kindergarten teacher in Markas PPH Ulu Kinta, Ipoh. She was a Dutch borned married to a Kedahian police officer. And, although she's a Mat Salleh, she was able to teach me to and write in BM and English at the Kindergarten level. And it happened that her eldest daughter is my former classmate from Std 1 till Std 3. Then, she became my husband's schoolmate from Form 4-5. So, I contacted Juliana, my teacher's daughter to get in touch with her mum.

And I got the number just now. Smsed her and wished her. She replied which made me the happiest person on earth today because I've got to contact my oldest teacher again. And I would also like to wish Happy Teacher's Day to my former teachers at Marian Convent School, Ipoh especially Hajah Chik who forced me to memorised my 'sifir' and my teachers at Sekolah Tun Fatimah, JB especially Cikgu Masdar, my form teacher, my Ustazahs and Ustaz Joe who had the best teaching method in the world for Ugama and all teachers that taught me and my classmates in the Social Science class, 1982-1983.What about you guys? Have wished you teacher today?

I would also like to say tq , to my Mentee, Zulhilmi who first wished me last, at exactly, 12.01am. Plus Aslam, Ct and others this morning...and surprisingly, Adibah, my x-student from KMP who had wished me without fail every year. She's now in teaching in Kapit, Sarawak..

To my fellow friends at KMK and KMP, Happy teacher's Day!

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to Me

I woke up early in the morning to find two sms mother's day wishes for me on the phone. One from my boy, Asyraf and one from Razif, a former PDT student that I never taught in class but very fond of me. That's it! No more wishes except from my sisters, Amirah who asked me to get my card from her school security guard and Masyitah who persuaded me to buy her a mother's day card and later gave the card back to me after she had written something on it.

That's it! No more! Not like last year....And somebody made the effort to see a friend who had just delivered a baby but forgotten to give a wish to the mother of his 6 children...

So, what do I have to say on this Mother's Day? I wish I could be a better mom and could attend to all their needs. But please children, I'm not a Super Mom. I'm just as fragile as any mothers on earth that you all know.

Just a note...At first I called myself 'emak' to 'Adilah when she was borned. But, later after I paid a visit to see Uci (my late paternal grandmother), I changed my mind. Uci suggested that I should let my children call me 'ibu' because it has a 'softer tone', according to her. So, I thought, why not? At least, I have something to remember about my Uci when she's gone. So, from that day onwards I became 'Ibu' for my 6 beautiful and unique children.

To my children, here's something for you all...

Gurindam Dua Belas

Apabila banyak berkata-kata,
di situlah jalan masuk dusta.
Apabila banyak berlebih suka,
itulah tanda hampirkan duka.
Apabila kita kurang siasat,
itulah tanda pekerjaan hendak sesat.
Apabila anak tidak dilatih,
jika besar bapanya letih.
Apabila banyak mencela orang,
itulah tanda dirinya kurang.
Apabila orang yang banyak tidur,
sia-sia sahajalah umur.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Siti Nurhaliza - Melawan Kesepian

First time I heard this song when I watched P. Ramlee, the Musical at the Istana Budaya. At that time I just appreciated the song because it was brilliantly sang by Siti Nurhaliza as Azizah as she was trying to cope the absence of P. Ramlee who had to leave his hometown to pursuit his dreams and ambition.
Now, I realised the lyrics especially have deeper meanings than the song itself. A beautiful and meaningful song indeed.

The injured pigeon

Injured pigeon,(behind the door of the hotel)
Injured me...

Mecca Al Mukarromah
23 April 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mohammad Nabina

This one song will always be playing in my heart. It reminds me of the blissful times that I had in Mecca. It had kept my life going even at my most difficult days. This song was being played everyday by the owner of this one islamic record and video shop which was situated at the roadside of a small lane not far from the Masjidil Haram. And everyone who walked through the lane going to and coming back from the mosque will never miss the soothing sound of the children who sang it.


First and foremost, I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to visit the Holy City of Mecca and Medina and witnessed the greatness of Him intimately,privately and extensively, without any barriers. And to my hubby who supported me all the way without any hesitations. Also, my mum and dad who led me the way with their kind gestures and enthusiasm and my mother in law who had been so understanding throughout the journey. I'm was so blessed to be able to perform the Umrah, (though only managed to do basic rituals) with this group of people who showed me the true meaning of patience and preserverence.

My gratitude also goes to my sisters Ma, who had sacrificed her semester break to take care of the house and my kids; Zura who came to the hotel with home-cooked dinner although she's already in her 2nd trimester pregnancy; Wa who had been taking care of mak and abah since coming back from Umrah, all my sporting and caring brother-in-laws and Miza and rozi, my brother-in-laws' wife who also took great care of the emotional needs of my kids. But one person who has helped to make this journey possible is my 'banker'@sister@ADIK@Nor Anita bt Mohd Nordin who is now resting at home after having a 'secret' surgery on one of her knees and she's on cain. She's been an angel to me and I regret I could not help her with anything(but I bought you a sejadah...) at this critical moment.

So, after having weeks of whirlwind pre-umrah period, finally, my husband parents, mother-in-law and I were all set to go to Medina first. And the chaos did not stop at the airport. It moved along with other matters that somehow tested my patience and wisdom. There were so many things that went wrong and unorganised. We didn't get the wheel chair that we requested for, no name tags,and we found out that we were going to sit separately in the airplane!

But God is great! After the plane took off, I managed to arrange and exchange good seats with other passengers on board for my parent. Therefore, I sat next to my mother and father. My hubby got to sit with his mother but later on I found out that the seats were not that comfortable. Well, I thought they wanted to sit together.....

The journey took nearly 8 hours and to our surprised, the Saudi plane stopped at Riyadh without our knowledge. How I wish I was on MAS instead...But I know God was testing me. The condition of the plane was not as good as the condition of other planes that I had boarded before. I had lights above my head which kept switching on and off automatically. So, I kept on waking up throughout the journey. The steward and stewardess were not very friendly and helpful. I had to help my father who had severe knee pains to the toilet twice because one of them ignored my request. The problem was that I was sitting in the middle seat. So, It's quite difficult for me to move out of my place...

Soon, after the very long and tired journey, we landed at the Jeddah airport at night and another 4-5 hours more to go before we could reach Medina. And that is another story to tell....

My hubby and his mother....

My mum and dad who were sitting next to me and another 'warga emas'(not in the picture) on my right.

My hubby and I(first time wearing jubah...) at the airport

At the Pan Pacific Hotel, one day before depature. My sister,'ADIK' (Nor Anita), 2nd from left with my parents and mum-in-law.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sleep tight

Cast me gently
In the morning
Cause the night
Has been unkind....

Nite, nite!

Daalia Cup cakes

Some of Daalia's masterpiece.

I just browsed my former schoolmate's blog just now and I'm glad to discover a friend as interesting as Daalia. She's a wife, mother and she works at the same time but she still have time to generate her passion for baking at the age of 42. Salute!

Here's her blog if anyone's interested in baking cakes and cupcakes.

I'm ordering a few on this coming Mother's Day to share with my fellow friends at work and my sisters who have been working hard and patiently to take care of my mother at the hospital.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


This poem is given by Zahrina, my former classmate and dormmate in STF. She's from Malacca but is now residing in Kajang. She smsed me this poem when I was in Mecca.

A woman has strengths that amaze men
She can handle trouble and carry heavy burdens
She holds happiness, love and opinions
She smiles when she feels like screamings
She sings when she feels like crying
Cries, when she's happy
And laughs when she's afraid
Her love is unconditional!
There's only one thing wrong with her
She sometimes forgets what she is worth....

*Well Zah...they will only realise what we are worth...after we parish...(Isn't that sad...)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

my mum

I wanted to tell stories about my journey to medina and mecca but I changed my mind. This month is a celebration month for all mothers in the world. Although I am also a mum, and I should write something about being a mum to my 6 gifted and unique children, I chose to write about my own mum first.

At the moment, she's in the specialist hospital in Seremban, with my sister warded for problems that she's having with her swollen legs and stomach. Doctor suspected that her liver is the culprit to these matters. I'm not so happy as I blog in because I'm supposed to be right next to her as what I had done to my dad when he was warded for his kidney surgery. In fact, I'm having a short break from work. So, I can go there and look after her. But I know I have to take care of all of my children who are here for their weekend break.

Hmm, I remembered the last time I took care of my mother in the general hospital was when she had hypoglycemia. She was warded for nearly 3 weeks. And I was 6 months pregnant with Najihah. I was also attending my KPLI course and two of my children were with me, 'Adilah and Amirah. Amirah was only 2, 'Adilah was 5. I lived with my parents because the KPLI course was held in Ulu Kinta. It was not a pleasant stay there as my mind was always thinking about my home in Sintok and my son, who was taken care by my mother in law.

So, my mum got sick, and she collapsed in the house while I was doing my practical training in school. Since then, everyday, after school, my father would fetch me and took me to the hospital. And I would take care of her until midnight. My father would come back to the hospital and took me home. When I reached home, my children had already fallen asleep. I had to finish my work first before i go to bed. I was not feeling very well neither being in this pregnancy. I had no appetite and I always vormitted at work and at home.

So, that was my routine for nearly 3 weeks, in 1993. I was lucky when my aunties, my sisters who were studying in UPM and USM at that time were willing to take care of my mum at night. So was my other sister in Trengganu. If it wasn't for their concern i would have to be at the hospital round the clock.

I hope, my mum will be better after the treatment but I do concern about my sister's financial situation at this moment. She's been taking care of mum with her husband since the arrival from Umrah. Whatever the cost is, I told her that we will share the burden equally. To mum, get well soon! And I love U.