Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dear Tea Rose...

My dear Tea Rose,

Please be calm. There are so many things in this world that we think are ours but actually they are not. Just let them go. They don't want to be kept, they want to be free. Let them be...And just pray that they'll be ok. I know, you have been sacrificing your time, feelings and other things but still, no one notice, no one appreciate. Tea Rose, please don't give up. There is still light at the end of the tunnel. Though it's a long long way to go, you've got to move on. I'm praying every step of your way. Don't be too sad. God is still with you....

p/s: Tq Mukmin for calling me just now...You're one of a kind.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And the sky is crying again.....

My dear students,
Have you ever felt this way? Or are you feeling it now? I am not a rescuer but I can give u some shelter just like what you have given me (always!) in class. And I can imagine how our Nasywa feels at the moment since she got the unexpected sad news about her parents who are now in ICU after they were involved in a car accident yesterday. Nasywa, this umbrella is for you....Take care.

Half of this week..

Oral presentation with the H7E4 students....

There were so many things going on this past few days. First, UPS (mid-sem examination)- which made my days a bit disorganised. Second, the oral presentation task B practice.. Can Imagine what will happen later in the real test. Then, mum's phone call...she's sick and I'm still here? I'm going back this weekend to see her and abah. And my hubby is outstationed again...

My K.U had asked me to outlined some programmes for the students. It should take place from August till December. It took me a few days to prepare the working paper. I'll have to finalised everything by tomorrow.

Oh yes! One more thing...I received this sms from Razif, a former student of PDT whom I have lost his phone number. He's going to a Medic school in Cyberjaya. We exchanges a few smses before we hung up and ask me for my address. He said he's going to send me a Hari Raya Card. He's really thoughtful about this. Well, hope everything will be well for you this year and the years after.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gamarjobat - 2007 Brighton Festival Fringe

I had a very good time with my students when I brought them to see Gamarjobat last 2 years at The Actors Studio. It was a very exciting and memorable night. I wish the duo could come again to Malaysia to perform. I wouldn't mind spending some bucks to watch their performance. And I would definitely try to bring along another bunch of students to share the fun with me.

Miss you all...PDT first batch, 2006/2007

Monday, July 21, 2008

Midsem. Exam

All my students are having their mid sem examination today and tomorrow. All the best guys! Hope all of you will do well.

And I had a very lon......g conversation with a very good friend of mine at KMPk..She's in trouble. A 'nice' one actually...I would just say

TOTORO- my favourite cartoon character

Saturday, July 19, 2008

About half an hour after midnight.

I got out of bed because I couldn't sleep. Too many things on my mind right now..Things to be said, things to be done...things to be ignored. etc..etc.. Argh!!!there are so many of them!
And the rain is falling...I must get back to bed because I have a course to attend tomorrow. But before that, I have something to share with you all. I kind of like this song sang by Atilia, entitled Leka. I'll post the lyrics later..


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Malaysia oh Malaysia...

This article is taken from I am Malaysian blog

The Fear of One Anwar Ibrahim
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim was on his way home after a cut-short meeting with the ACA this morning (concerning his police report on allegation of fabrication of evidence regarding his ‘black eye’ incident in 1999) when he was arrested at approximately 12.55 pm today.

Dato’ Seri, apparently, had earlier asked for permission to take early leave from the ACA so he wouldn’t be late arriving at IPK KL at 2.00 pm later.

Days before the drama would unfold, i had this nasty feeling that the police would somehow want to show their ‘power’ before the deadline was up for Dato’ Seri to show up.

i was mildly surprised they didn’t jump him after the debate at Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka last night. Perhaps not under the glaring flashes of cameras and within sight of first-hand witnesses of a crowd of journalists and supporters.

So my hunch was right. But when the police did make their move 1 hour and 5 minutes before the time was up, it seemed, they were not acting without the urging of an ‘invisible hand.’

Say what you like … someone, somewhere, somehow is frightened as hell of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

What with the court order (issued on a Sunday?) to prevent Dato’ Seri to be anywhere within the 5 km radius of Parliament on Monday two days earlier, when a motion of “no confidence against the PM” was awaiting approval by the Speaker. The over-the-top police road blocks to lock the city down and out for a greater part of the same day. The warrant of arrest for Dato’ Seri despite the fact that black-and-white confirmation was given to the police stating that he would be present on the appointed time and day. The denial by the police that they never received the said letter. The subsequent strongly worded statement issued by the police themselves intimating threats against Dato’ Seri.

To think that when all the time Dato’ Seri’s detractors have been parroting that he is “irrelevant,” it did not prevent one shit-scared ‘apparatchik’ to unplug every apparatus within the administration’s control to apprehend one man.

If this is not likened to the working of a communist state it is darn close to a police one, if you ask me.

“No one is above the law.” “We are governed by the rule of law.” “The law applies to anyone who has committed a crime.”

If only these ideals were strictly and whole-heartedly enforced without fear or favour, we would not have had anyone big or small, connected or unconnected, datuk or tun, dare commit the crime or crimes he or she so blatantly do without the blink of an eye.

Matthias Chang did confirm in his no-holds-barred article here that there are two economies practised in this country. Would i be far wrong to draw assumption that we also have two sets of laws and administrations governing the country? You tell me.

This blog was started on the premise that it would live by this truth: “what is right, not who is right” and it is with this in mind that it pleads for the executive, the legislature, the judiciary, the police and every individual that has the power vested to ensure that the rightful and needful be done to ensure justice prevails.

At this point of our history, and, with the imminent global financial, economic, subsistence and geo-political turmoil waiting to explode, we do not need to commit suicide by allowing the latest Anwar Ibrahim episode to degenerate into anarchy.

There’s really nothing to fear but fear itself, no matter where one’s loyalty lies. And never let it overcome us. Never.

Cool heads. Cool administration of the law. Cool justice. Let them be our guides at this fragile moment.

So help us God.

p/s : So folks...what say you?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

in the end...

I had a good day this morning. Had visitor from Medan, my former student, Yassir who is doing his medic course there..Can't write anymore. feeling dizzy.

there's a man among the beans?

I got this from a friend.

Solve the problem, folks!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I slept like a baby after I came back from work today. Masyitah woke me up and told me it's already 7.40 pm. Yes, I torturing week of ISO and that is the result. Truly exhausting.
And I just came back from Dewan Wawasan to fetch Asyraf. He went there to support his school Nasyid group who was performing at the Tilawah. And of course I knew his attention...he wanted to go home.

Well, I'm going to close my eyes again...Sleepy. Had clsses in the 'cyber remaja' and language labs this week. Assisting students with their assignments Not so demanding but still, tiring because most classes were in the afternoon. And while looking at my students today, I thought of my former PDT students who were more energetic and lively. I had so much fun with them. Once in a while, they will sms me but they are no more here to entertain me. Miss u guys! I hope all of you will do well in the university

And to all my friends out there...Nite nite, sleep tight.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Sunday, 7 JULY 2008.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

One Night in Simpang Pulai


"Assalammualaikum Abah."

"Haah...Waalaikumsalam Yong."

"Have you eaten?"

"Abah nak masak la ni...tengah bukak peti ais.Ada ikan keli sekor.Takpe....abah boleh masak..

"Abah can stay with me, or Wa or Zura"

" Takpe. Abah ok je kat sini.Semalam abah masak nasi goreng Amerika. Hari ni nak masak nasi goreng Jerman. Takpe. Jangan bimbangle..Abah ok"


"Apa-apa pasal emak kat hospital nanti, bagitau.."



Thursday, July 3, 2008


Only today I managed to paste this image on my blog.
And loneliness begins to creep in
very slowly.....