Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Half of this week..

Oral presentation with the H7E4 students....

There were so many things going on this past few days. First, UPS (mid-sem examination)- which made my days a bit disorganised. Second, the oral presentation task B practice.. Can Imagine what will happen later in the real test. Then, mum's phone call...she's sick and I'm still here? I'm going back this weekend to see her and abah. And my hubby is outstationed again...

My K.U had asked me to outlined some programmes for the students. It should take place from August till December. It took me a few days to prepare the working paper. I'll have to finalised everything by tomorrow.

Oh yes! One more thing...I received this sms from Razif, a former student of PDT whom I have lost his phone number. He's going to a Medic school in Cyberjaya. We exchanges a few smses before we hung up and ask me for my address. He said he's going to send me a Hari Raya Card. He's really thoughtful about this. Well, hope everything will be well for you this year and the years after.

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