Thursday, April 19, 2012


The song is entitled Somebody that I used to know... Catchy but crazy. Check out the original video clip in You Tube....Pheww!!! The singers are Gotye and Kimbra, now  Australians who  were borne somewhere else..I think they are very talented because they know how to twist sad lyrics into a cheerful tune...memang bijak dan sangat sedap didengar. SUKA..:)


After years of surviving emotional turbulence, I thought that all the madness is finally over. Little that I know Allah is still testing family, my Masters, my father...arghh...God please, give me more patience...

I still see things that I don't like to see and hear things that I don't like to hear,  constantly...It's really painful sometimes but I know I have no choice but to live with it. For the sake of others I need to sacrifice more than what I can take.

There are times when I really miss my "older times" (prefer that to "younger days"), when life was so simple but fulfilling...when love was all around, active and responsive...when I felt being so important and respected...and the list goes on and on.... Of course, life was not always pleasant at that time, but at least, it's not down and miserable.  But I know God gives me all these coz He wants  to make me 'stronger' and a better person. So, I should be thankful (bersyukur) that I'm still alive to breathe the air and make contributions to the earth.

I hope that I will keep on having the courage to put up a brave face in the eyes of the others and say, I'm fine and ok. However, spoken words are no longer  an  option coz I am  afraid they might give some kind of reactions that will hurt me more. I think silence would be a better choice as I know that I'm always being heard in the quietness of the atmosphere.

At work, my students have always been my bundle of joy...

Friday, April 13, 2012


Kosong...kosong.... nice song, indeed.. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

10 good reasons why I bought Toyota Prius 1.8

1. It's time for me to own a car.

2. Because it's my car, I will not hassle my significant other about cars anymore. I will be responsible solely on the car. 

3. Because it's fuel save. 

4. Because it's fuel save I can save money when I travel...

5. Because I can save money when i travel, I hope to visit my father in Ipoh frequently without much worry. 

6. I can also save money every time fetch my children from school and back to work after that. 

7. The's very agronomics. 

8. It's not so small and not so big...mediumla tu... 

 9. It travels fast but still consume less fuel. 

10. Can't think of no 10....:) The price? Definitely  the price is not the reason... a bit expensive, yes...but the comfy, the savvy overrule the 'pricy'....and at the end of the day, I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to own this 'dream car' of mine. My only regret, if i had any is not to being able to ride the car with my mum..:(