Thursday, March 28, 2013


I just got this info from a friend who happened to be an 'Islamic Healer' (not quite sure whether it's the right term to use but in BM we call it as Pengamal Perubatan Islam, i.e Prof Dato' Dr Harun Din and the likes). Among all teenage patients that he had treated, many of them have striking similarities in their interests and passions. They all like to surf the internet. Well, most of us do since we always think it is the 'world' source and reference. 

Unfortunately, the things that we try to find out might not all be safe and harmless. So, one of their interested subjects is ILLUMINATI. What is illuminati? You can find it here...

Of course there are many other websites in the internet that are related to this subject. Now, do we realize now how we have invited this 'unholy creatures' into our homes? Aren't we a die hard fan of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter films and books? Didn't we always feel amaze when we listen to the 'ancient language' spoken in the films...the chanting, the magic words..? How many of us are aware that every time we read the books (or any books of that sort)we were actually 'calling' the 'spirits?'. 

We have to put a stop to all this. How? TEPUK DADA TANYA SELERA...:)

May Allah  guide us all with his love and grace...