Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh dear...

Syafiqah came to see me today. And what a surprise! About a BOY....Ehemm! And the BOY happened to be my student too. She called me around 2 o'clock to seek some comfort.
Dear Syafiqah, there is no need to be worried..Just ignore him.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bayang Kulit

I just came back from Kepala Batas, Penang last Thursday. I took my Bayang kulit boys to the Dewan Millinium, Kepala Batas for their first show outside KMK. After all the "hustle bustle" caused by the BOSS, i finally managed to take my boys to go to KMPP early.Unfortunately, we had no choice but to start practising only after the night event at the hall. So, we started our first practice without the main character at 11.30. Then, we went to the food stall and had supper. But, what a supper! It's like they did'nt have any dinner for along time...And i arrived at the hotel in SP nearly 2 am.

The next day we're supposed to have a rehearsal at 10 am but the committee said it's only about placing. Before that Ina and I had to go to SP bus station to fetch Madi, the boxer. It's a real long story...But whatever they called it (rehearsal), its chaotic and a bit unorganized and i got a bit pissed off with Amar. He's not being helpful at all. But, of course, with God's help, we managed to overcome the problem breezely..

Oh yes, my boys, they were very simple, way too simple if compared with other groups. Everyone else were wearing uniformed clothes/t.shirt but my boys... wore colourful t.shirts. some of them even had toilet slippers on their feet! But that is not a problem to me. As long as they behaved well and cause no problem, it's ok with me.

The time we've been waiting for had come..
The Consert

Bukhari kept on going in and out from the toilet. He felt like having a fever, he said.The other boys looked relax, but some of them were not.
The boys were really something and I'm really proud of them! They were awesome! They've put up a real good show and got the loudest applaud from the audience. I was really proud of them. Despite a few minor flaws, they've put the best performance and audience were laughing all the way through, from the beginning until the end.

I can see the sign of relief after the show but I know they were happy I promise to myself that after this I will do more for them like providing them with t.shirts etc..etc..

See you again boys, in the next show!
Till we meet again.

Your madam.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Holidays guys...

I met sharafi, lutfi and Nuhairi in jitra last Friday. I wonder what they were doing. They have finished their exam and their are supposed to go home. I was also teased by a'naughty" little girl named Anis who is going to continue being my student next semester.
On my way to the car, I received an sms,
"Madam, lets play bowling"
I wonder who send me this but actually I have the 3 boys in my mind.
" Who's this?"
"Sharafi. Forgot to write my name"
" I'm in a hurry. Should have told me earlier. Maybe next time. Happy Holidays"
" Ok. Happy Holidays to u 2"

And off I drove, back to my nest.

Happy Holidays guys. C u next two weeks

Oh, not fogetting my former PDT students, hope u do well in ur MUET. Forgot to wish them, especially Razif (funny, he's not my student but he often sms me like I was his teacher). I only remember Mukmin coz he always see me for consultation although I'm not teaching him anymore. He's a good boy, polite and very obedient (coz he never rejected my help. Just ask and he'll always say, ok madam)