Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Holidays guys...

I met sharafi, lutfi and Nuhairi in jitra last Friday. I wonder what they were doing. They have finished their exam and their are supposed to go home. I was also teased by a'naughty" little girl named Anis who is going to continue being my student next semester.
On my way to the car, I received an sms,
"Madam, lets play bowling"
I wonder who send me this but actually I have the 3 boys in my mind.
" Who's this?"
"Sharafi. Forgot to write my name"
" I'm in a hurry. Should have told me earlier. Maybe next time. Happy Holidays"
" Ok. Happy Holidays to u 2"

And off I drove, back to my nest.

Happy Holidays guys. C u next two weeks

Oh, not fogetting my former PDT students, hope u do well in ur MUET. Forgot to wish them, especially Razif (funny, he's not my student but he often sms me like I was his teacher). I only remember Mukmin coz he always see me for consultation although I'm not teaching him anymore. He's a good boy, polite and very obedient (coz he never rejected my help. Just ask and he'll always say, ok madam)

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