Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just a poem...

"In this lovely night, 
I pray to the sweet moon to protect you through the night, 
The wind to blow away ur worries, 
And, the twinkle stars to guide you the way, 
Sweet dreams and 
Good Night."

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I'm in my sister's room right now...It's the room I used to stay during my younger days when my sister was not at home. I wanted to sleep but my eyes couldn't close although the whole body is aching with agony. So many things, so many incidents happened at a period of time and today, I had to make the unpopular move to drive alone to Ipoh to see my father, hoping that it could ease some pain away.

As soon as I looked at my father's eyes, just as he poked his head at the door, my heart began to sink. He's so fragile but trying very hard to be looked alright. Limping through the living room, he asked me if I brought my children along. I just told him, no. It's too complicated to explain.

"Berani kamu bawak keta sorang-sorang"

I just smiled. Well, I have no choice...Semua orangpun takut. Aku jugak yang 'berani'.

We talked a lot at the  table while we had our dinner although Abah told me that he had eaten before he went to the surau . I knew he didn't eat any real food actually because he finished the whole plate when he was with me just now. kesian Abah...kalau aku tak balik hari ni..entah apalah dia makan.

Then, my memories drifted back to the years when I was still in the kindergarten. How Abah used to wait for me everyday after school to send me back home around 12am.  The first day of every primary level is also another fond memory that i had with my father. He would make sure that I boarded into the right 'vehicle' (police truck) before I went to school in Ipoh. Everything about school, my father would take the greatest care. The pocket money, the school fees, etc...etc...were not our major concern because Abah took care of everything. My sisters and I only had to make sure that we got good grades and did not stray away like many of our friends in Ulu Kinta did.

Solat, is another important thing that Abah was very particular with...He would wake me and my sisters up before Subh so that we will not miss the solat. Up until now he is still very regular and punctual about his solat including the 'solat sunat' and night. I hope I could one day be like him, insyallah.

"Esok kita pergi ke kubur Mak. Abah nak bubuh bunga..." Abah said.

"Ok." And, I began to think about  my late mother. Sedih. Sunyi. Rindu dengan kata-kata nasihat Mak...She's diferent from my MIL who is a good listener. My mom is a good adviser. Mungkin sebab Mak sakit dah lama sakit...dah banyak sabar...banyak pengajaran yang Mak dapat.

Well, I only have my father now and I won't let him down in whatever way...He raised me the way I am now and I thank Allah for that. I've made my decision to entertain Abah tomorrow because he deserves it.

"Abah, jom kita ronda Ipoh esok." 

                                                   My youngest sister and Abah.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Allah knows better...

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart” ...  

So, I guess it is true.... what had happened to me yesterday really felt me right deep into my heart. 

As I was walking back to my cubical, I came across my former student Imran... He was a very well behaved student, polite and a bit soft spoken. However, there were times when he made 'silly' jokes which were not really funny but we would still laugh because they ' sounded' funny... Imran used to say "Thank you 
Madam, I love you"... to me at the end of the class sessions. And I would always said Thank you back to him delightfully as tokens of appreciation.

"I love you because you are like my mom...My mom looks and talks like you" he said again with a mischievous smile on his face. 

"What is your mom, Imran?" I asked. 

"My mom is a teacher." I smiled again and he grinned back at me... The class began to roar with laughter...Tu dia, Imran buat lawak lagi...habih semua orang gelak. I said to myself...:) 

Yesterday, although Imran is no more my student, he never failed to amaze me...Before we briefly stopped and greeted at each other , he plucked one of the flowers which was planted along the corridor and handed it to me.
"Teacher, this one's for you."

I took it and said, " Well, TQ so much Imran..." 

He just smiled and walked away... It's just an ordinary and pale colour chrysanthemum . Not an  expensive gift. Just a small unscented flower that would be dead soon. But, it managed to brighten up my whole gloomy day. I never thought that I would be appreciated that way by someone I barely knew . ...

Yeah, as they said, It's always the thoughts that counted...Tq again Imran for remembering me as one of your lecturers..i will treasure this moment forever.