Thursday, July 10, 2008


I slept like a baby after I came back from work today. Masyitah woke me up and told me it's already 7.40 pm. Yes, I torturing week of ISO and that is the result. Truly exhausting.
And I just came back from Dewan Wawasan to fetch Asyraf. He went there to support his school Nasyid group who was performing at the Tilawah. And of course I knew his attention...he wanted to go home.

Well, I'm going to close my eyes again...Sleepy. Had clsses in the 'cyber remaja' and language labs this week. Assisting students with their assignments Not so demanding but still, tiring because most classes were in the afternoon. And while looking at my students today, I thought of my former PDT students who were more energetic and lively. I had so much fun with them. Once in a while, they will sms me but they are no more here to entertain me. Miss u guys! I hope all of you will do well in the university

And to all my friends out there...Nite nite, sleep tight.

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