Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Story Promotion

It's been quite sometime since i last blogged here. It's the beginning of the second semester for the PDT students. They're about to finish their 3rd project-story promotion. Some of them had produced amazingly creative presentations. I was quite overwhelmed with the effort given especially from Firdhaus, Saifuddin, Taufik, Alif and friends. I enjoyed watching their video very much. I plan to put their work in You Tube later..

There is one person that i kinda of miss this semester. Syafiqah from B2e1. She always came to see me with her 'witty' problems. She's always excited about unnecessary things but she's also very talented despite her impared vision. I wish her all the best though I was quite sad that she did not leave any note to me before she left

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