Tuesday, February 19, 2008

storytelling competition

It's a long story, its a winding journey. But both my boy, Fadhil and Anis, my girl managed to excel in their presentation. Anis got the 1st place. Fahil, second. But I still think (many of the audience has the same feeling)that fadhil should get the 1st prize. He was incredabily outstanding! He presented the horror story entitled the Bloody Nek Nak. The room was very quiet when he presented his story. I know that people were 100% paying attention to his story.

To tell the truth, I was a bit sceptical about Anis. She changed the story last minute.
I was worried but I knew the her story would be different, just like Fadhil's. It's a chinese story that I took from the internet. Anis, turned out to be an entertainer that day. The whole room filled with laughter when she was presenting the story. I knew she would get some place but i didn't expect her to get first.

I did some some homework before finding suitable stories for them. I gave them my collection of short stories books. I surfed the net for some information. It took weeks but the last two weeks nearly effected my personal life, my family.

A lots of things happened to me there including my birthday. I'll tell you later.
For now, it's good night....

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