Saturday, September 1, 2007


Yup! It's another 31st August...but in a different year. And today is my sweet Najihah's birthday. The 13th.Took her home from SMAK, along with her brother and her sister in Jenan. Bought her a special cheese cake from Sayang. Lucky for her to get all these special treatment.Maybe becoz she was borned on the 31st August? Hmmm...

I remember when I carried her in my womb, I got so sick for almost all the nine months. I nearly terminated the pregnancy at the very early stage (2 weeks after missing my period) but with guidance and light given by Allah, I changed my mind when the doctor gave me the options. I decided to go on with the pregnancy although I already had 3 other small children aged between 2-6. I didn't eat much. Infact, meal time was not something to look forward to. However, I began to develop this special interest towards soya products, especially soya bean drinks sold at pasar malam. And, after nine months, on this day 13 years ago, I delivered a very sweet and fair skinned baby (but the nose..penyek sikit)with eyes like stars. We named her Najihah because our Permaisuri Agung at that time was Queen Najihah (N. Sembilan). And we kind of like the name. Simple. Of course my husband consulted on of the Ustazs in UUM before we registered her name. And Najihah was a very easy child to take care of as baby...She seldomly cried and slept easily through the night. Only now... teenagers..what do you expect?Yeah..she did give me some headaches sometimes.

Besides giving birth to Najihah, I have one other very memorable event to remember, forever... I was at at the Dataran Merdeka on the 31st August 1980 with my school band members (STF). I was in form 2. We stayed in UM for about 3 days. I still rememeber the atmosphere, the air, the wuz overwhelming... and I really felt patriotic being with the soldiers, policemen and other participants on the field. Ironically, I don't feel it now... Why huh?

* My ringtone-Tanggal 31 sung by Sudirman will be changed starting tomorrow. What I've done, maybe?

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