Thursday, September 6, 2007

Drama-Semi final

Just came back from the Dewan Serbaguna...Everyone had put up a good performance but there were still some problems with their language. I don't have the heart to announce the winner actually as it may let down other students' heart (those who didn't win).

Overall, the girls acted better than the boys. Class B2E1... the girls were really outstanding including those who had only small roles like the fruit sellers.

Tomorrow,I'm going to put up their pictures outside my cubicle's wall.Hope they'll like it and be happy with the whole thing.

Love u all.

There's a place....
There's face I use to know
There's a picture u by my side
There's a moment we used share..
I don't know where u are
Or how u may be
But i know....

To be continued...

Abah, happy birthday! (72 I think...)

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