Friday, August 7, 2009


So, almost everyone at work is talking about H1N1. In KMK itself, one student had been confirmed carrying the virus and he was sent home. Other students have been reported to have the symptoms like fever, cough, flu, etc..etc...I went to a clinic in Jitra last night, to have my second daughter examined by Doc Nassier, a very friendly and popular doctor in Jitra. He is a skin specialist but people have been seeing him to seek advice and treatment for other illnesses. Although the doctor said that Amirah was only having mild sore throat and headache, there is no confirmation that these discomforts may not turn to be Influenza A. So, we were told to take multivitamins and drink alot of plain water. And, pray to God that there will be a stop to this destructable pandemic. Aameen...

My students...listening practice at the Banquet Hall.

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