Friday, May 31, 2013

AL Quranul Kareem

The old Quran...a bit torn  since Ive been using it for quite some time now..

I bought this old Quran when I was about to leave Philladephia for good after 4 years of being a student at Temple University. Pennsylvania. It was late Summer 1989, almost entering the  Fall season of that year. As usual during those lazy summer days I liked to walk around the neighboring streets and visited the street shops. My favourite street town was the 50th street where the Univ. of Pennsylvania still proudly stood. However, ironically, the shop where I bought this Quran was not situated anywhere along the street. I bought it at once a popular used bookstore called LAME DUCK BOOKS and it was situated at South 45th Street just 1 block from the apartment where I stayed. It's a small bookstore but had a huge book selections of any kind. Of all the books that I browsed through, this Quran really caught my eyes. I didn't really know why. Probably because the side pages of the book is coated with gold color. It looked really beautiful. I bought it for only $10.

The no more existed...It was first opened in 1984 in Philadelphia before it moved to Harvard, already closed (September 2010) due to the competition from online books.

I haven't really used this Quran  until  a year ago (ish...lama tu...1989 till 2012...) I always read the Surah Yassin from the specialized Yassin booklet. I just didn't make any effort to read the whole  Quran. But since last year I started using it an to really read the Quran softly on my own in the surau..(in my house). I began with the AlBaqarah...and now I'm already into Al Maaidah (biar lambat asal selamat...).

Reading Quran has been like a savior to me. Where else do I seek help if not from Allah? What are the words that can really put me into peace and tranquility if not the words from Allah? Yes, I feel calm and safe everytime I read the Quran, I do realized now that being away from the Quran will only make our life a disaster. You may have all the things in the world but your inner self will not be calm and at peace till you"speak" to Allah. 

With so many turbulences in life that we are facing everyday, what could be a better solution than to read, understand the Quran and preach it. I pray to Allah that by reading the Quran, my house will be not be "looked" as a grave and will always be "glowed" by its lightness. Aamin Ya rabbal A'lameen....

Quran transalated with Tajwid Help ..just bought this last Sunday during the Registration of the new intake of KMK students..RM80. Hope I could use it as often as the old Quran.

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