Monday, June 16, 2008

My Father

Abah, the Mat Rempit of Parit....

My father worked as Police Field Force during his younger days till he stopped working at the age 55. He likes to travel (like me) and loves art and music very much. He's an excellent artist and could draw beautiful pictures of people, sceneries and things.He can sew clothes especially his own baju melayu. He's also an amateur carpenter and craftsman and he knew many aspects of housebuilding and machinery. A lot of our relatives said among all the siblings in my family I was the one who picked up most of my father's natural talents and interests. Yes, I'm glad I did.

Abah (as my sisters and I called him) was a strict and very disciplined father. He values religion, family and academic matters more than anything in the world. Because he wanted us to get a better education, he sent us to a convent school, nearly one hour journey from our home. It's tiring every time we got home but it's worth it, I guess. All of my siblings got through the UPSR with flying colours.

Well Abah, Happy Father's Day. I called you yesterday morning and you seemed to be very thrilled. You told me that all of my sisters had called you earlier. We always remember you, Abah. Thank you for what you had done to all of us and what you had made us become. May Allah bless you always.

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