Thursday, September 11, 2008

What to eat tonight?

Yesterday, food was 100% bought from the Pasar Ramadhan. To night? Hmmm...What to eat, huh? Any advice?

1st Ramadhan: 80% homecook Bawal Masak Masam Manis, Sup Ayam, Sambal,ulam and Mee Sanggol Goreng and Dragon fruit.

Last 3 days menu: another homecooking meal@Gulai tempoyak ikan patin, sambal tumis udang dan petai, ikan masin, sambal and ulam, grapes and cekodok, of course!


tireless mom said...

Salam Yong

I dont mind ikan pekasam everyday. I love the food up north. Sedapnya.

I like your blog. I like what you did for your students too. You are even better than Cik Ramlah during our STF days.


tearose said...

Tq Yatt...