Thursday, December 18, 2008

Engish Language Camp 2008

My badge

My bed

I didn't realize the bed and the locker that I use had 'my name' on it if it wasn't for my friends who mentioned it. AMAZING!

I was really surprised when my Ketua Unit told me that I would be in charge of the Language Camp this year. And all participants MUST be those who got grade 5 and 6 in their SPM English paper. Maybe my K.U knew I love to be with the students. Anyway it's over but the memories ,OF COURSE! stay.
I was happy to see the students enjoyed the camp although it was raining on the second day and nearly interrupted the aerobics session. But I told myself that the show must go on. So, we danced in the rain! GOD is great. Nobody got ill because of that.
However, there were 2 students who got stung by some insects- one while waiting for the bus, the other one while participating in the explorace. Maybe God wanted to test my patience and endurance... there was this broken down car on the road blocking my way out to the clinic. And this boy was scratching his hands, face, everywhere...and a lot of small bumps began to appear on his skin! I had to contact Hafiz, my Language Camp 'confidant' to solve the problem. Later, two men came to move the car aside. then only I managed to continued my journey to UUM clinic. I told the boy to rest and come back for other activities but he was already smiling at me during lunch time and he was ok! The spirit that he showed made me select him as Best Participant of the camp, the title that we never had before in any Language Camp.
The committee members also gave the undivided support to me despite the heavy task that they had to deal with. A few of us had to stay back and stayed in the hostel during the event. And I couldn't sleep the first night. The next night I had to endure driving home very late at night in spite of all the 'horror' stories that my friends told me about the highway. I reached home at 1.30 am and everyone had already fallen asleep.
The last day at the camp was the day of sadness to many of the students, I noticed. They were quite reluctant to leave the place. I especially like to thank the 'volunteered' Imams who took turn to lead the solats without any grundges and hesitation. Also the Bilal. He kept on saying thank you to me for organizing the camp and especially for selecting him to be one of the participants. Well, if he's that happy, I was even happier to be able to do this very small deed to him.
The sessions with Mr Fairuz was surprisingly well accepted by the students and the lecturers. Yes, he really had a very nice voice and he could speak and communicate with the students despite his lack of experience as a motivator. He's a bit naive, soft spoken and polite but showed a high level of confidence that many young speaker do not have. Hats off to Mr Fairuz!!!( Later on, he told me that he's engaged and might be getting married next year to someone who was his junior at UUM. He also mentioned to me about his ambition and family at home. I hope all his dreams will come true).
I know that there were grouses and complaints from a few of the lectures but I just don't give a DAMN! about it. I should especially THANK my commitee members-Liza (she came out with the most interesting games that I've ever known), Halimah (who helped me to deal with the food) , Ina (great clerical job done!), Anita(who tried her best to be there although she had to take care of her ailing mum ), Faz (who amazed me because she could still slip away between activities - during breaks to go for her Taekwando exam...WOW!), Shah ( a real HELPER, the MAN of the house), Pinat (a very convenient person and easy to work with), Yana and Mila (they prepared the simple but very unique and different name tags) and last but not least, Roro (for the well documented photos and videos).
Special thank should also go to my hubby to for providing the space ON TIME! And of course Hafiz and team, who helped me organised the event efficiently.

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