Sunday, December 28, 2008

3 days in KL so far...

It's the best trip to KL so far...coz I had lots and lots of time to do my own things without any interference. I went to Jln Masjid India to do a little shopping. Bought a few tudung and a 'telekung set" for Najihah. Yesterday, I spent hours at Kinokuniya with my family (until Anisah slept at one of the shelves. And amazingly, 'Abang' also took a book and read it while waiting for us who were busy doing book shopping. Everyone including masyitah bought a book. Then, 3 of of children were sent back to the apartment by their father along with their grandmother. The rest followed me to TGV. Upon Amirah's request, I bought 3 tickets to watch "Twillight". So, me, Amirah and Asyraf munch the popcorns in the theatre and relax. Well, it's not a great movie but it's worth watching although the ticket price is quite expensive compared to the one in Jitra Mall cinema. But anyway, I enjoyed the movie and the company a lot (Oh yes! While waiting for the movie to begin, I went back to the bookstore and spent 2 more hours there...)

Today, I'm going to meet my old STF friends. Venue: Concorde Hotel. 1-4pm. High Tea. I'm sure it's going to be an exciting one..Too bad that some of us couldn't make it due to other commitments. Some of them are in overseas..So, I'll stop here and come back with more stories..

My children in the Aquaria

Masyitah having a swimming lesson with her father

My favourite 'Ikan Bawal Hitam' in the Aquaria

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