Monday, December 15, 2008

Just me, me and me....

Life has not been so unpleasant nowadays...but Hari Raya AidilAdha was celebrated the usual ways anyway. We went to the mosque and pray. Then,had lemang and rendang the whole day till we felt so full and bloated. But most of all, I enjoyed the company of my little nieces and nephews who were ever energetic and lively. I don't know how much I miss the cry and laughter and the screaming and shouting of little children till I met them. My own children has grown up and I'm getting old...
I went to the graveyard to visit my 'grandparents' and was very sad to see the state of the graves. They were fully covered with 'unwanted grasses' and weeds. They looked very messy and untidy. It took sometime for me to clean the area with my daughter and nephew. I don't want my 'grandparents' to feel ignored and isolated. We recited some surahs and I left the graveyard with a very sunken heart. I missed them so much...and even more as I'm blogging now. I miss their love, care, patience, and doing all sorts of things with them. Those were the memories and realised that they will never be repeated and come back. Hmm...
And last night, we had some VIPs coming to the college to officiate the opening of our Arkib. So, we had a few 'unlively' stage performances by the students. They were the normal tarian and a few steps of silat. That's all! How boring! And I couldn't help myself thinking about Bukhari and his Bayang Kulit friends. How exciting and extraordinary you were that you are all being handpicked by the Prof last year to perform in Dewan Millenium in Penang. I've always thought and regard you all as the most talented 'figures' in KMK.
I love every member in the family and wish to grow old gracefully with them. I love all my friends, my students (sorry, I can't remember all your names)but I cant be with you all the time. I also need some space of my own. If not, I will be kidnaped by the 'orang bunian'. But on the other hand, I know that you can't be with me as well because you all have other commitments. So, I just told myself to take one step at a time and try to calm down. And SPEAK TO THE GOD ALL THE TIME, WILL YOU!!! I will...)

My niece, Nureen and her cousins in a Khatam Quran ceremony

Me, giving some attention to Hanis

Hazril and Hanif, having a man to man talk

My youngest brother-in-law, hubby and some of the boys.

Asyraf and Nisaa'-beautiful in picture

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