Thursday, March 8, 2012

Talking about Women's Day, I would like to thank my late mom for bringing me into this world and for molding me into what I am today...To my maternal grandmother who had given me the total love and care that any grandchild would love to aunts whom many had passed away..(Mak Ndak, Mak Ngah, Wah, Mak Yang, Mak Uda...) thank you for being so caring and loving...My childhood years with all of you shall always be cherished and remembered.

I still have a few women in my life to live for though....My Sisters...who have been an integral part of me...who never fail to help me when I need them..who listen and advise and who just simply be a sister to me...thank you for always be there for me.

And, when talking about my sisters, it will always bring back to another important person in my life...MY FATHER.

"Abah, Yong tak dapat balik minggu ni. Anak-anak sekolah walaupun cuti sekolah." 
I dared not tell my father that I actually have to accompany my husband to his cousin's  wedding besides visiting his hometown. In addition to that it was only two weeks the last time I visited my father.

"Yake? Jumaat tak boleh? Satu hari je..."
It really broke my heart when he said that. I coudn't bear hearing him begging  me like that. It's the first time.

Then, I told him that one of my sisters would come and see him this Monday.
"Banyak hari lagi tu..." he sighed.
Yeah, only 3 more days. Today is Thursday.

"Abah makan apa hari ni?"
"Makan lauk dalam tin la...sedap juga..Lauk yang Yong masak tu dah lama habis"
Adoi!! That was embarassing.
Later, I told him that I will try my best to see him next week.
"Takpelah Yong, Abah nak sambung baca Quran..."
We salammed each other and hung up..

Phew!!! That was tough (and sad).

Is that always the case when talking to men (compared to women) ? Hmmm....

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