Thursday, August 28, 2008

Al Fatihah...

I was about to go to bed just now when the phone rang. It was from my cousin Yob Deli in Johor. While talking to him, Yazid called. Then, Zahid. Informing me the same thing, "Kak Nori passed away." She's 46, married with 2 kids I believe. Died of excessive external bleeding. She told me many years ago that she some cysts removed from her womb. Tomorrow I'm going to confirm with Makcik Biah about this. Though Yong Nori is not that close me, the news about her untimely death is stil a shock to me. She will always remain as one of my dear cousins. Kak Nori, We will all miss you like we miss your father, Uncle Uda.

Al Fatihah..

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