Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reminiscent of Sek. Men.Sains Muar

Met Saadiah just now...and we had a lot to talk about our life in the past and present. But the most interesting topic was SMS Muar. That is the place where I met the bounciful Huda, happy go lucky Salina (I met her the first time in the toilet when both of us were 'escaping' from this ceramah agama in the school Hall.We easily 'clicked' with each other after that because of the 'same' interest), motherly Fazlun (she always shared food that her mother brought for her with us), Fairuz, Idah, jefri and Razak who were always kind enough to let me copy mathematics homework, very imaginative Nawawi, Aboy (we always got the attention whenever our names were being called out), The musical Ben, Badli,Hatta (the only SDARian), Isyraf, Saleh(naughtiest boy in PUC), Halim and Iza (married to each other) and others which names I couldn't recall.

And SMS Muar was also remembered as the school that is always short of water supply. We had to walk 'somewhere' in the school area to collect water. I had a short and intersting life there but nothing really special actually except for the beautiful friendship that I had with my classmates and dormates)' It was unique because we all came from different schools and states.

(Maybe we should all get together someday?)

p/s: I know you are reading my blog guys! Post some comments, will you? Thanks!

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hanish said...

salam. i'm adilah's friend. u r from science muar too? cool!! i went to that school also!