Sunday, August 10, 2008


Masyitah first day of school.

As I browsed through my old post, i suddenly realised that my youngest daughter birthday was not mentioned here. How could I be that forgetful? So, here's something about her to share with you all..

Masyitah is a millenium baby.She was borne on the 3rd of March 2000. She was named after the maid of Pharoah (Firaun)who had sacrificed herself and her children to the Pharoah because she refused to admit that he was god. I want my Masyitah to have that same character, brave and strong willed.

I have no problem carrying her in my womb, but actually, she 'was not' a welcome baby in the beginning because her older sister was only 2 years old and I felt like I don't have enough hands to take care of her other small sisters and brother. But Masyitah proved to be a real tough person ans she's a winner.

I tried eating some pineapples as soon as i missed my period. The doctor even gave me some pills but it didn't work. So, after 1 week of trying, I gave up and decided to let nature ruled. During 7 months of pregnancy, I fell off some stairs in a hotel while attending a course in Penang. My foot was swollen, that's all! No bleeding what so ever and Masyitah was safe in my womb.

Now, Masyitah is the 'apple' of everyone's eyes. She's smart, intelligent and witty despite her slightly 'weight' problem. She's also the 'clown' and the entertainer of the family. Although she's like a 'baby' sometimes, she's very helpful and loves smaller children, especially babies. For me, there is only one and only Masyitah bt Ayoib in the world. That is my MASYITAH.

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