Tuesday, October 7, 2008

In this post I would like to wish Eid Mubarak to my students, old and new, good and bad, beautiful and handsome, smart and witty and all other adjectives that could describe their colourful personalities.
I am sorry for not having proper classes with you all lately due to my illness. I hope you all understand the situation and I 'll try to give you my best as soon as I return to class next week.

Regards from your Madam


Nor'Aini Mohd Nor said...

Yong, selamat hari raya. Ingat lagi kat aku tak??? -Ins

tireless mom said...

Dear Tearose

Get well soon ok. I am sure your students miss u.

tearose said...

Pasal apa aku tak ingat kat engkau? Kita satu kelas dari Form 1-3. Englishpun satu set. Dgn Mr Ung.Akupun nak ucapkan selamat Hari raya pada engkau dan famili engkau. Bila kita nak jumpa ya?