Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My students are struggling with their exam this week. I hope you will all do well and succeed with flying colours. I have many good memories with you all although we've been together only a short while.

I always have this 3 stooges coming to see me almost every other day. And I regret I could not invite them for lunch, tea or dinner at my house. I plan to do so at least before they leave the college next year.
Arif, Hajar and Ning(a very friendly chinese girl who speaks Malay very well and fasts during Ramadhan)

And I also this brainy 'Naruto' in class...Amirul from my physics class.

Nasywa who became quite close to me since the death of her father.

My account students whose english proficiency is average but very obedient and courtious. Just look at how they lined up to sign for their attendance.

It's different from my science students especially my Physical Science students...

My students from batch 2003 till now, 2008 are all unique and special. I have Farid from F1E9 who could play guitar beautifully. Fahmilah, the girl who gave me a shock of a lifetime when she thanked me in front of all kmkians during a student concert in 2003.
There were also a group of physical science students from F1E4 (batch 2004/2005) who always made noise and jokes in class(physics students are always 'brutal'). Can't recall their names but i can still remember the faces. Once, this Chinese boy gave a trivial question to his classmates, "Why did Superman where his underwear 'outside'? Before anyone could answer, the class turned into a comedy theatre...Everyone was laughing out loud. Ahh...those were the days...
That year also,we had our first drama competition and my 'Hayat' students led by the talented and confident Nuraini. We managed to go to the finals but did not get any major places. I remember the whole class really sticked together during the competion except for Alif Chong, the rich boy from KL who always arranged some chairs at the back of the class so he could sleep on them. Sweet Puteri Alia was also from this class.

Batch 2005/2006. This was the year where I got the noisiest and most havoc class in the world! H1E6. They were only 5 boys in that class but they were just as vocal as the girls. I was always at the top of my voice with this class. I got to know the multitalented Farhan or better known as 'Alang' among his friends. Fuad, 'soft' but very helpful. Navin, the E-Club president, Aishah, the skateboarder etc...etc... They had put me into the limelight by showing a very funny and excellent performance during that year drama competition. It's worth the effort when they won the first prize plus the best actress award. Farhan could have won the best actor award. It's just that luck was not on his side.

Then, I went to teach the underpriviledged PDT students. Mukmin (you're reading this Mukmin?), Bukhari, Amir,Khairul, Aslam, Zainal, Farah, Shamil (who can rap Nasyid songs), Nisa' and others (too many to mentioned). I had the whole year of fun with them. With their Bayang Kulit activities and yes! We went to see the first Gamarjobat show together, remember? It was one of the most memorable days of my life.

I was hoping to take my next PDT students to watch Gamarjobat again but it came too late. But I didn't want to disappoint them. So, we had PDT Grand Dinner this year. And it was just as memorable for many of us. We had some stage performances and a show by Nasyid Group, Firdaus who told me that for the first time ever, they sang english songs in their performace. Not bad, huh?

Well, life must go on...i hope to get a new batch of students who are just as havoc, creative, fun to be with, unique and intelligent like my former students. But, if you don't, I'll accept you al anyway...

* Suddenly, I remembered Faiz, this quiet and shy camera boy from B1E2 who once stopped by at my cubicle just to give me a KIT KAT. "You need a break, madam" . That was really something..


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