Sunday, October 19, 2008

The story of a father

One rainy day, a crippled haggard looking old man was waiting for his middle-aged old daughter by the roadside of the highway. A few minutes later, a bus stopped by the road, a few yards from the old man. A woman dressed in stripped blouse and black pants stepped off the bus and rushed to the old man. She took his hands and kissed him on both cheeks. They were wet and cold as ice. She touched his shirt and it was all wet. She nearly cried but she tried to brush away the tears and put on a fake smile.

"You shouldn't have come. It's raining"

"Takde sapa nak makan rambutan ni...Banyak sangat."em>

"You're all wet. You'll get sick"

"Tak pe...Abah ok."

"I bought u some fish and sweet pau. Regards to mum and sis."

"OK. Abah pegi dulu."

And the old man went off with his old motorcycle. The woman stepped back into the bus. The rain has subsided and the sunshine began to show its face.

Her eyes were soaked with water. She was 'raining'.


P/s : Feels like a small child again..

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